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A lifetime Navy man and Naval Academy graduate, I seriously began sailing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay with my family in our own sailboat in 2003.  My passion for marine canvas grew out of necessity for new canvas for our own boat and finding that most quality fabricators are extraordinarily busy with an immense backlog.  Clearly, quality is what everyone wants and needs!  

Living in Annapolis, MD at the time, I was lucky to have several quality fabricators to compare.  I researched what differentiates the best canvas work from average, and took into account my experience transiting up and down the east coast each year to determine what holds up and what doesn’t.  I sought-out the best canvas fabrication school and received training from certified Master Fabric Craftsman, Mark Hood, and his wife Deb at Hood Canvas Marine Training in Merrimac, MA.  This allowed me to learn a variety of techniques to fabricate custom high-quality canvas with clean finishes that are durable and stand-up to the elements.

I continue to attend workshops, conferences and seminars working with other fabricators — it’s quite the community!  My training, boating experience, passion for the trade and attention to detail can be seen in each project I complete.  I am a proud member of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) as well as the New England Canvas Products Association (NECPA) and the Chesapeake Bay Marine Canvas Fabricators Association (CMCFA)

Main fabricator shop in Norwell, with additional facilities in Annapolis and Key West. (Key West loft open seasonally from Nov-Apr).


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